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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Before and After

dentist Needham full mouth cosmetic smile

Needham MA dentist smile cosmetic work

Before: The patient had broken, decayed baby canine teeth with fractured, misaligned upper front teeth.
After: The baby canine teeth were removed and two implants were placed with six esthetic crowns in the front to change the patients smile.

full mouth makeover smile Needham Dentist

Needham Dentist smile makeover before and after

Before: This patient came into our office wanting veneers and a better smile. At the time of her initial consult the patient had several old, stained, and decayed restorations.
After: Patient first had her teeth straightened with invisalign orthodontic trays. Next, the patient did our professional teeth whitening to achieve a whiter smile. As a final step eight crowns were placed to give the patient this amazing end result.

Before and after smile Elizabeth Russ Dental

Elizabeth Russ Dental Needham teeth picture before and after

Before: The patient wanted his old, darker bridge on his bottom teeth replaced and he wanted to fix his worn upper teeth that he felt were stained, chipped, and misaligned causing a reverse smile.
After: The patient did not want orthodontic treatment, so he had gum surgery to lower his bottom teeth and gums, a new lower bridge and 3 new crowns on the bottom, and 6 new crowns on the top to create an aligned, beautiful smile without braces.

picture of smile after full mouth dental rehab

picture of full mouth dental work rehab

Before: The patient came to our office wanting a full cosmetic transformation. She was not happy with her smile-especially her stained front teeth and her dark grey back teeth.
After : Six veneers and six crowns were placed on the upper and she loved her new smile.

Before: The patient was referred to our office wanting a better smile. He was not happy with the old crown on his front tooth, and was not happy with the overall appearance of his smile.
After: Patient had Invisalign to straighten and align his teeth, gum surgery to even the gum line, and six crowns placed on his upper front teeth.

picture of dental work with crowns

Before: Sadly, the patient had oral cancer 15 years before coming to our office. As a result of his cancer treatments, he was left with severe dry mouth resulting in the yellowing of his teeth and rampant decay.
After: Full mouth rehab with all crowns on the upper and lower teeth placed.

Dentist in Needham before and after dental work

Before and after dental work done in Needham MA

Before: The patient expressed to us that she wanted a better smile and did not like the color, shape, and alignment of her teet h .
After: We straightened her teeth with Invisalign ortho trays, whitened her teeth, and placed 4 beautiful veneers to have an ideal, esthetic smile.

Before and after dental work done in Needham MA

Needham dental work before and after

Before: This patient came to us to fix his smile. He was unhappy with the way his teeth looked when he smiled in photos and to his patients. He had moderate to severe wear on his front teeth and misalignment.
After: After using Invisalign ortho trays to move the teeth into position, the patient whitened his teeth and had 4 crowns placed in the upper front with enamel contouring on the bottom.

Cosmetic Restoration
Before and After

Before and After no black triangles

Before and after bite no triangles


before and after photo comp venner smile

Before and After bite with comp veneer

Before: Patient completed ortho and was interested in having her small misshapen later incisors cosmetically improved.
After : Patient gums were recontoured and composite chairside veneers were created to improve her smile.

before and after bite of dental patient

Before and after smile dental patient


before and after photo with crowns and venners

Before: Patient came to us with old veneers that had recession and teeth that were discolored and slightly misaligned.
After: Three crowns and three veneers were placed on the upper with some tooth contouring on the lower.

before smile missing front teeth

before and after smile missing front teeth

Before: The patient presented with 4 front teeth that were nonrestorable due to severe mobility and and failing root canal therapy.
After: The 4 front teeth were removed and 2 implants and a 4 unit bridge were placed.

before and after picture with dental veneers

Before: This patient was unhappy with his smile. There was a space between his front two teeth, and bonding on the lateral incisors which resulted in the appearance of very small, darker teeth.
After: Two veneers and two crowns were placed to fix the color, shape, and size of the teeth. In addition, the restorations closed the space between his front teeth resulting in a more even smile.

cosmetic dental before and after needham

Cosmetic Needham dentist befor and after picture

Before: After many years of having an old, discolored crown in the front and spaces between her teeth, this patient was interested in replacing the crown and making her smile look better.
After: A new, more natural looking crown was placed with 3 beautiful veneers to make her smile more esthetic and appealing .

Before and after dental work with bridge and crown

Before: Patient broke her front tooth and had a nonrestorable implant placed.
After: A 3 unit bridge and a crown were placed to restore the missing tooth area and realign and contour her front teeth.

Invisalign Rehabilitation
Before and After

Dentist office in Needham smile before and after ortho

before and after pictures of a bite after ortho

Needham Dentist before and after photos of lower arch after ortho

Before: Patient was unhappy with her smile. She was told at a dental school that they would need to break her jaw before they would do orthodontics on her.
After: The patient's teeth were aligned and straightened giving the patient the smile she always wanted without surgery.

before and after smile with invisalign

lower arch invisalign before and after

upper arch before and after invisalign

Before: The patient was unhappy with her smile and alignment of her teeth due to severe crowding.
After: The patient's teeth were aligned and straightened after wearing Invisalign trays.

Implant Rehabilitation
Before & After

Before and after picture with front implant crown

Before: The patient had trauma to his front tooth and lost his tooth in his early 20's.
After: An implant was placed by the surgeon and Dr. Russ restored his front missing incisor with an implant crown and abutment to match his adjacent teeth.