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So as I was walking into my gym like I usually do several evenings a week, I was shocked by how many people that were there. Tons of people running, walking, using the stairmaster, cycling, bench pressing-where did all these people come from?? And then it hit me; “ah, January-new year resolution time”. These people that normally haven’t been working out are here trying to change their old ways and become healthier. They are trying to do something to improve their well being and their lives. But it got me thinking: what could our patients new years resolutions be to improve their oral health? How about flossing-you know the bacteria between your teeth isn’t going to get up and leave and brushing isn’t going to cut it. Yeah, yeah, I know flossing isn’t glamorous or exciting but it does improve your health-just google “periodontitis” and you will see all the serious physical issues associated with poor oral health. Ok, another one-what about brushing your teeth before bed? Did you know that brushing your teeth before bed is the MOST important time to brush. The reason is that your salivary glands which produce saliva full of calcium ions, phosphate ions, and other great mineral salts that help inactivate or slow cavities, decreases at night. This means that all the BBQ, pizza, salad dressing, or dessert that you ate hours ago is still on your teeth and will remain there all night with less saliva protecting them-a great environment for cavities to run rampant! Last dental resolution-going to the dentist twice a year to get your bi-annual cleanings and check up. Dr. Cohen was right in his last blog-dentistry can be expensive if you wait. It is so much cheaper and less time consuming to get work done when the cavity is small then later down the road, come in 2 years later for a cleaning and an exam to find out that you need a root canal and a crown.  Talk about a huge price increase! And it could have all been prevented by just seeing one of our amazing hygienists for a cleaning every 6 months.
Well, whatever your New Year’s resolution was, I hope you can follow through and improve your health and life. We at Elizabeth Russ Family Dental wish all our patients a wonderful, happy and healthy 2013!

Dr. Russ


Hi, everybody. This is officially Elizabeth Russ Family Dental’s first blog!  Exciting. I want to first start out by thanking all of you for visiting us on the web, and this blog.  I also want to say a very special thank you to all the patients and families that I have had the pleasure to meet and treat since January of this year. I am truly thankful for all of your support and well wishes.

By starting this blog, my hope is that it will create a forum  for all of my patients and the community with up-to-date information and opinions about all things dental.  I would also like to share things that we as dentists see day in and day out.  Let me tell you; it’s a lot. This is the perfect place to inform all of you on those dental product ‘gimmicks’ we see and just shake our heads. There are no sponsors here. No slick ad sales. Here you will just find facts, educated opinions, and personal tips to help you pick and choose the right products.  I want to help you make informed decisions about your dental needs, and dental care. My goal for this blog is to create all of that right here, and most importantly, answer as many of your questions as I can.

Along the way, Dr. Paul D. Cohen will be joining in on the discussions. Dr. Cohen has been practicing dentistry in Needham, MA for over 30 years, and let me tell you that this man has got some great dental wisdom to bestow upon us.  He is a great clinician, and a wonderful teacher to his students. We are lucky to have him with us.

Let’s make this happen together! I hope you will take the time and subscribe to this blog, and continue to read posts in the future. I would love nothing more than for you to feel like you have gained some valuable knowledge to help you make a good decision about your dental health.

Elizabeth Russ, D.M.D.