We live in a digital age. From smartphones to laptops, everything is moving towards smarter, faster, smaller, better software and electronics. So why shouldn’t the dental field change as well? We’re not cavemen-we change with the times. At Elizabeth Russ Family Dental, we have updated our outdated systems with the most important diagnostic service-digital x-rays.  These aren’t your mom and pop’s old Kodak films with an automatic processor developed with liquid chemicals like developer and fixer. These x-rays are revolutionary in the dental field. Not only are they taken instantly without having to wait 5-7 minutes like the old films just to see that you missed the tooth that you wanted to x-ray, but digital x-rays are much more safer and healthier for the patient. Digital x-rays cut down on the amount of radiation exposure, which can be close to 75%! That’s huge! And it means that 4 digital x-rays equal about the same amount of total radiation of 1 old, standard type film. I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel a lot better. Not only are my patients less exposed to unnecessary radiation, but me and my staff are safer from the decrease in daily scatter radiation. A win-win for everyone. Another nice feature is that they instantly appear digitally on the computer, which gives us better control to make a more accurate diagnosis.  From increasing their size to increasing/decreasing the contrast, you can do a lot with digital x-rays, which was not possible with the old standard.  X-rays are great diagnostic tools, but now with the advancement of the digital age, we have taken things to a whole new level.  We can make our patients safer and have better diagnosis of cavities and infections in a matter of seconds while showing the patient and educating them. I hope you will be impressed with our new software system and know that we are doing everything possible to make dentistry and all its tools safer and better for our patients. 

Elizabeth Russ, DMD